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I wasn’t sure about coming in at first because I’m a vegetarian and I have had unpleasant experiences with doctors before. I emailed them first to get a feel for the doctor. He wrote me back immediately, providing me some very useful information that I had never heard from anyone before (I must add that I am an avid researcher on health, herbs and supplements.) He was very kind and his words were well thought out, not rushed as I had expected.

I lost 19 pounds after 9 week and it showed (dropped 4 sizes already!) On my first visit and all appointments thereafter, I was greeted with kindness, smiles, professionalism, encouragement, and have never been rushed or talked down to. All visits have been informative, encouraging, and welcoming.

The office is clean, comfortable, pleasant and inviting. The receptionist always greets you with a smile even if she is busy with another patient. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and you will never leave feeling bad even if you hadn’t lost weight that week.

I will continue with this way of eating (5 times a day, I might add!) because I have a new way of thinking and looking at food. You will learn the same, as this is the first thing you learn when you come in. And the great part is you get to eat your own food because they don’t sell you pre-packaged foods or push products on you.

Overall, I lost 50 pounds and I have been able to maintain the weight loss for over 2 years. I highly recommend Lorphen Medical I’m a happy patient!


I’ve went to Lorphen Medical weighing 210 pounds. Almost 5 months later, I lost 55 pounds. I’ve more energy now and I feel great!

I lost 51 pounds after starting this program two months ago. I believe the program is great. I have learned a lot. I learned to change my thinking about weight loss. The doctor is great, he is friendly, he interacts with you, he meets with you on a weekly basis. And he does not try and force you to do the program. He makes you feel comfortable. The receptionist is awesome, she is very friendly and helpful. I first weighed in at 293 lbs, i know weigh 242. I feel awesome. I have lots of energy and I do not get tired. I eat my own food and I feel full. I’m not hungry. What is awesome about this program that you eat 5 times a day. What is great is that you can still go out to eat and not be limited at all. You can even have pork, which is awesome for me because i love bacon , sausage and all that good stuff. I have always been a big guy, and have struggled to lose weight, so if youre looking for a change in your life. i would highly recommend going here!!

The only doctor and lifestyle change that ACTUALLY worked for me and is still working to this day – 8 months in and still going strong. Before meeting Dr. Nguyen, I almost gave up hope on finding a program that would help me get results. I tried all fad diets and would try to exercise my way out of everything and nothing was working. I had a very unhealthy mindset towards food, diets, exercising, etc.

Then I meet Dr. Nguyen and I went from 160 Lbs to 140 Lbs in 2 months and I have still maintained this goal weight of 140 Lbs for the past 6 months all because Dr. Nguyen has helped me each and every step along the way. I have sent him numerous SOS texts as I felt the need to binge or give up and he was always there to encourage and teach me how to move forward and succeed! His book is phenomenal as well. He coaches you each step of the way and does this out of genuine care for people obtaining their weight loss goals.

Thinsulin has changed my life and I don’t say that lightly. I never wore a swim suit/felt confident my whole life as I was always the “bigger” girl and now I am so confident in my body and also more healthy in my mind due to Dr. Nguyen’s coaching, and I am enjoying the beach/pool weekly with my husband and friends!

If you want your life to be changed, go see Dr. Nguyen. If you follow his simple “guidelines” then you will see change too!

I have tried nearly everything to lose weight. From juicing, exercising every single day, and even tried doing laser treatment to lose the stomach fat, I was not getting the results I wanted and therefore, I needed to find a solution to my problem. I came across this through Groupon. I was skeptical at first, but thought to give it a try. When I first met Dr. Nguyen, he was very knowledgeable and kind. His method of helping patients to lose weight was different compared to other diet fads I have tried. He talked about a method called controlling my insulin. At first I thought insulin was for only patients who have diabetes, but that’s not true at all! Instead, insulin is the sugar level we can intake and there are ways for us to get that in control. He recommended me to eat five times a day, three meals with two snacks in between and drink plenty of water. During my active phase I was told not to eat carbs such as breads and pasta, junk food like potato chips, beets, carrots, pears, corn, and potato. Reason behind this is because they can shoot your insulin levels to the roof! What you can eat are plenty of meats/tofu, a portion of vegetables with your meal, a small serving of fruit, and drink plenty water. He also provides you an anti-suppressant medication that is FDA approved for free. After one month, I have lost a total of 14 pounds and want to continue doing this until I reach to my goal weight. This program is doable, inexpensive, and can change the way you eat without starving or depriving yourself.