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Using the revolutionary Thinsulin® approach, Lorphen Medical offers a breakthrough solution to help you lose weight and stay thin by harnessing the synergy between your body and mind.

Lorphen Medical specializes in weight loss for adults and children by addressing the biology of insulin in burning fat, psychology to change your thinking about foods, and behavioral modifications to overcome the weight-loss plateau and keep the weight off.

Results of this program were shared at two research poster sessions at national meetings.

It will change your life.

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Focus on Insulin

First, the focus is on insulin, not calories. You will learn how to lower your insulin level to burn fat.


Change Your Thinking

Second, Thinsulin® changes your thinking about food by using cognitive behavioral therapy to break bad habits and change your eating habits.


Overcome Weight loss Plateau

Third, Thinsulin® helps you keep the weight you’ve lost and overcome the dreaded weight-loss plateau.

The THINSULIN® Program

Weight loss requires more than just appetite suppressants, shakes, pre-packaged meals and exercise. It requires a true understanding of the psychological and behavioral aspects of the human psyche to change eating habits. At Lorphen Medical, we use the Thinsulin Program to help you lose weight and stay thin.



I lost 19 pounds after 9 week and it showed (dropped 4 sizes already!) On my first visit and all appointments thereafter, I was greeted with kindness, smiles, professionalism, encouragement, and have never been rushed or talked down to. All visits have been informative, encouraging, and welcoming.
Don't wait to lose weight.

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It’s never too late to make a commitment to live a healthier life. Lorphen Medical offers ongoing support in your weight loss journey.

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