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Weight loss requires more than just appetite suppressants, shakes, pre-packaged meals and exercise. It requires a true understanding of the psychological and behavioral aspects of the human psyche to change eating habits. At Lorphen Medical, we use the Thinsulin Program to help you lose weight and stay thin. There are three pillars to the Thinsulin® Program.

  •  First, the focus is on insulin, not calories. You will learn how to lower your insulin level to burn fat.
  • Second, Thinsulin® changes your thinking about food by using cognitive behavioral therapy to break bad habits and change your eating habits.
  • Third, Thinsulin® helps you keep the weight you’ve lost and overcome the dreaded weight-loss plateau. 

In your weight loss journey, you will go through the Active Phase to help you lose weight and Passive Phase to help you maintain your weight and overcome the weight-loss plateau. You may expect to lose between 3-5 pounds in the first week, about 5% of initial weight monthly, and up to 20% of your initial weight at the end of the Active Phase* (4 months).

You will inevitably hit the weight-loss plateau. The Thinsulin® Program helps you overcome the dreaded plateau by teaching you how to adopt a new way of thinking about food and developing the skills to keep the excess weight off for good in the Passive Phase.

It’s simple and easy to follow. You’ll develop new tools in your toolbox to lose weight today- and keep it off tomorrow! No matter what diet plans you have tried in the past, we believe we can help you today. 



Depending on your medical history and eating patterns, you may be prescribed phentermine to suppress your appetite. We also offer recently FDA approved medications for weight loss, including Contrave and Qsymia. 

Contrave contains 2 well-known, previously approved medications, naltrexone and bupropion. Non-clinical studies suggest these medications work together in 2 ares of the brain. Contrave is approved by the FDA for weight loss along with diet and exercise. For more information, visit www.contrave.com.

Qsymia contains a combination of phentermine and topiramate in a once-daily pill to help you eat less by reducing your appetite and help you feel more satisfied with what you’ve eaten. For more information, visit www.qsymia.com.

Phentermine is approved by the FDA for the management of obesity in 1959. It is thought to work by suppressing appetite.

These prescription medications are approved for weight loss in conjunction with diet, exercise and behavioral modification. That’s why Lorphen Medical with its revolutionary Thinsulin Program can help you achieve your weight loss goal. 



Lorphen Medical offers ongoing support in your weight loss journey. You will have access to text messaging with our staffs to help answer any questions that you may have. In addition, you will have online support through social media to keep you motivated and focused. Your journey is important to us and we want give you every chance for success. 


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* Lorphen Medical cannot guarantee weight loss. Results vary from individual to individual. Compliance with the program may lead to better results, while noncompliance leads to minimal weight loss, if any at all.